Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Northern Lights

in progress...


Fran Court said...

only the top image here will open larger so i cant put the others on the tumblr, but you can email them to me if you want them to go up

Lisa and Baz said...

hey Luke just purchased a great property in Argyle st Fitzroy, first one next to the coles carpark @ # 60, it's yours, have't taken the tape measure out but must be around 70 square metres, over 3 stories, open to helping with costs, would love to make this a showcase for your work.

I've got a huge personal and professional interest in telling the story of the intersection of timeless indigenous land management practices and the injection of modern day conservation science... firestick farming..a shopfront for conservation for indigenous peoples, an amazing story that could change our world in so many ways
call me or email me
0400 907 507

Lisa and Baz said...

caring for their country..